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Our highly experienced team is committed to operating with the highest standards of service and professionalism while continuing to improve on the qualities that make us not just good, but great!

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Malka Salizar

Founder & CEO

Malka was born in the jungle city of Iquitos, also known as the “Heart of the Peruvian Amazon”. She moved to Cusco city at the age of 14. She completed her studies in Cusco and Peru’s capital, Lima. Since 2005, she has lead tourist groups from all over the world in Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. She has a Master’s degree in Tourism and a PhD in Management and Human Resources. She is also an active member of Cusco’s most prestigious associations COLITUR and AGOTUR. Malka founded Peru Machupicchu Tours in 2014.

Our clients often tell us that they’ve had a trip of a lifetime with Peru Machupicchu tours, and no matter how many times we hear it, it never gets old. Creating memories of a lifetime for our clients is the reason Peru Machupicchu Tours exists. It’s what makes the job worth it for our staff and why so much time is spent on crafting each trip.

Guido Pereira

Tour Guide & Travel Package Designer

Guido was born in Arequipa, one of Peru’s biggest cities also known as the “White city”. He moved to Cusco when he was 10 years old. After attending high school in Cusco, he began his studies in Archaeology and Tourism. He is interested in politics, history, travelling, photography and sports. He has been guiding tourists from all over the world for almost 15 years, with many of his trips including mountain biking, hiking, jungle trips and cultural tours. He has led groups in a variety of South American countries such as Colombia, Bolivia as well as Peru.

We understand that an excellent guide is key to making your trip a memorable experience, which is why we handpick our tour guides ourselves. We only have local guides who are as professional as they are passionate.

Angel Meza

Expert Tour Guide

Angel was born in Cusco, the ancient capital city of the Inca civilization. Raised under the principles of the Inca religion, Angel grew up learning all about Cusco and Peru’s history and culture. He studied tourism to start a career as a professional tour guide. His love and passion for the history of the Incas led him all around Peru. Throughout his extensive travels, Angel has learned about Peru’s different cultures, deep rooted traditions, rituals and the historic festivities of the first Peruvians. He’s been working in the travel industry as a tour leader for 16 years.

Inca philosophy teaches me a lot about Andean religion and the concept of Mother Earth “PACHAMAMA”. I love to share my knowledge with my clients, to teach them all about Inca History and I try my best to make every trip special and unique.

Raul Guerra

Tour Guide and Anthropologist

Raul’s extensive knowledge and research make him an expert in rural community tours but he is also known for his abilities in hiking and white water rafting. He considers himself a nature lover and a proud Peruvian Ambassador. He likes to cook and enjoys trying local and international gastronomy. He truly knows where to go for a good meal, so don;t hesitate to ask him for recommendations on where to eat after your tour. He also enjoys traveling, meeting new people and helping them connect with Mother Earth, or Pachamama.

Peru is a very special place on Earth and its people are as interesting as they are warm.

Anthony Chacacanta

Expert Tour Guide

Anthony has spent more than 7 years working in the tourism industry. His love for nature and the Andes mountains has led him to become an expert in hiking and ecotourism. He has a degree in Management and Tourism. Anthonye was born in a small village in the heart of the Andes, where locals only speak Quechua, the language used by the Inca Empire. On top of Quechua, Anthony is also fluent in English and Portuguese. He is currently taking a photography course and is working hard to add French to his list of spoken languages.

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