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Arequipa – The White City

Known as the “White City” for its volcanic stone architecture, Arequipa is home to a historic monastery, perfectly preserved Inca mummy and is the perfect jumping-off point for Colca Canyon.

Located in the Southern Peruvian highlands, this city is the second biggest one in Peru. Known as the “White City“, Arequipa’s buildings were constructed almost entirely from “sillar”, a white volcanic rock found in a quarry just outside the city. This beautiful city lies on a fertile valley at the base of the impressive Misti Volcano. The historic center of Arequipa was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 in recognition of its architecture and historic integrity.

Arequipa has countless attractions to choose from including an alpaca farm, incredible vistas and the enormous St Catherine “Santa Catalina” Monastery located in the heart of the city. One of the biggest attractions is Mummy Juanita, a perfectly preserved 12-15 year old girl who was left as a sacrifice on top of one of Arequipa’s volcanoes by the Inca Empire. The historic center of Arequipa is an example of ornamental architecture and represents a masterpiece of the European creative coalition and native architecture. On top of that, it boasts spectacular sightseeing opportunities, superb restaurants and a bustling night life.

The surrounding countryside is among the most rugged and diverse terrains in Peru, with snow-capped peaks, active volcanoes, hot springs, high altitude deserts, petroglyphs and two of the World’s deepest canyons – the Colca and the Cotahuasi canyons.

Three Reasons To Visit Arequipa:

Beautiful Architecture

The White City is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Peru and South America. A distinctive part of its architecture is that the buildings are made of volcanic stones called “Sillar”. They are manually sculpted from a nearby quarry which is available for a day tour.

The World’s Deepest Canyon

Arequipa has the deepest canyon on Earth, Cotahuasi Canyon located 380km (236m) Northeast of the city with about 3,535mts (11,665ft) in depth. It is almost twice as deep as the Grand Canyon!

Mountains and Volcanoes

Arequipa sits in something similar to a giant geological bowl. It is surrounded by numerous volcanoes and although some are extinct and dormant, some are still active!

Recommended Things To Do Or Visit

City Tour And St. Catherine Monastery

Explore many historical sights and attractions on a sightseeing tour of the city. A knowedgable and expert guide will take you to spectacular viewpoints like the Mirador de Yanahuara and lead you through some of Arequipa’s most exquisite colonial districts including Yanahuara and St Lazarus.

See the top attractions like the Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa. Admire the pearl-colored buildings that give the city its nickname “the White City”.

You’ll also visit the Monastery of St Catherine which was closed to the public for almost 400 hundreds years, but now welcomes visitors daily.

Duration: About 4 Hours

Colca Canyon 2D/1N

Venture into the Peruvian highlands for 2 days of beautiful views, calming waters and charming local culture.

From the volcanic slopes of Chachani to the elegant colonial churches, the green-coated ridges of Colca Canyon offer a look at the countryside’s beauty and splendor.

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