Uros Island

Lake Titicaca – The Highest Navigable Lake in the World

As the World’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca is home to the World-famous Floating Islands “Uros” and a rich cultural history

Sitting on the border of Peru and Bolivia at 3800 mt / 12,500ft, Lake Titicaca is the World’s highest navigable lake. It’s surroundings are home to enthralling cultures such as the Amantani people and the astonishing Uros people. The Uros culture live on reed islands, handmade by the communities each year. According to local legend, the founders of the great Inca civilization are believed to have risen from the waters of this lake.

Every visit to Lake Titicaca is made possible by using the historic city of Puno as a base. Considered as Peru’s folklore capital, Puno is immensely rich in music, traditional dances, customs and legends. One of the most symbolic Catholic celebrations in Peru is the Festival of the Virgin of La Candelaria, which is held in Puno during the first half of February. Different groups of dancers compete in a colorful dance parade, the Diablada with its costly masks and traditional costumes is considered one of the most important traditional dances in the Andes.

Three Reasons To Visit Lake Titicaca:

Spectacular Festivals

You can catch festivals and parades boasting music and dancing on the streets throughout the year. Monthly celebrations are common and on Sundays military parades are held at the Plaza de Armas.

A Lake Like No Other

A few factors make Lake Titicaca special like the communities that inhabit it and the elevation it sits at. However, it is the sheer scale of the lake itself which tends to stick in the minds of visitors, with many comparing it to an ocean rather than a lake.

Interact with the Communities

Visit local families whose ancestors have inhabited the floating islands for centuries. Learn how they cook, work, share food, educate their children and maintain the physical condition of their islands by replacing the reeds on which they live.

Recommended Things To Do Or Visit

Uros And Taquile Islands Tour

Visit Uros and Taquile to gain insight into the indigenous inhabitants of the unique islands, ride the gentle waters of the World’s highest navigable lake on a boat and enjoy an authentic experience of culture untouched by mainland modernity.
Meet the Uros people and learn about their customs and traditions before visiting Taquile island. Lunch included.

Duration: Full day tour

Uros Floating Islands Tour

Take a motor boat tour to the floating islands of Uros from the port of Puno. An English-speaking guide will show you this beautiful place and explain the life and history of the fascinating Uros inhabitants and how they make the floating islands from scratch. There will be enough time to explore the island by yourselves after paying a visit to the local communities.

Duration: About 4 hours

Chullpas Of Sillustani Tour

Explore the ancient tombs of Sillustani, a pre-Inca necropolis that dates back to the indigenous Colla people. The burial ground, which covers a massive stretch of land and features more than 90 stone chullpas (mausoleums), is a welcome reminder of just how rich Peru’s culture is. Get picked up from your hotel in downtown Puno and head up to the chullpas at Sillustani. This jutting peninsula surrounded by the Lake Umayo hosts one of the largest necropolises in the World. The structures are huge; more than 40ft (12mt) tall and wider at the top than at the base. Spend some time exploring the area with amazing views of the lake, admiring the pre-Incan constructions before returning to your hotel.

Duration: About 4 hours

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