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Lares Hike to Machu Picchu



This 4-day hike is a fantastic and authentic way to really experience the rugged beauty of the Peruvian Andes, ancient Peruvian traditions and historic Inca communities.

If you’re a mountain-lover, this hike is perfect for you. Experience the magic of the Andes with 360 degree views of high mountain peaks, glacial valleys and lakes, Inca ruins and natural hot springs.


Day 1: Relaxing Hot Springs | Lares village to Huacawasi
  • Today we start with an hour-bus ride to the traditional Inca town of Pisac where you’ll learn about Inca history while exploring the ruins.
  • Visit a picturesque farmers market for last-minute shopping and to get some school supplies (books, pencils, etc) and others for the local kids (you can bring them from home as well) before embarking on the hike.
  • Take a 3 hour bus ride through the Sacred Valley and remote villages, and eventually reach Lares village, the hike’s trailhead (3150 meters /10395 feet). Here we meet up with our horsemen and horses that will support you on this adventure.
  • Take a quick dip in the natural hot springs. Temperatures range from 35°C to 44°C (95°F to 111°F).
  • Today we hike up along the stream through little villages, passing through corn, potato and quinoa fields; enjoy the stunning scenery and llama and alpaca herds while climbing towards the traditional Andean village of Huacawasi (campsite). This Andean village is very well-known for its high quality textiles, table runners, hats, ponchos, etc.
  • Hiking time: 3.5 hours
  • Distance covered: 7 km / 4 miles
  • Today’s hiking level: Easy to moderate
Day 2: Reaching the hike’s highest point | Huacawasi to Mantanay
  • Today is a challenging two-hour climb to reach the hike’s highest point on Arruray pass (4500 meters / 14,850 feet).
  • Snow-capped peaks of the Vilcanota mountain range appear in the clouds — a perfect photo opportunity. Condors, geese, Andean ducks (endangered species) and chinchillas are usually seen in the area.
  • From this point we start descending into the Mantanay valley and continue hiking around the glacial lagoons through the Q’euña forest.
  • Tonight’s campsite is the highest (3800 meters / 12,540 feet). Temperature may be below freezing.
  • Hiking time: 7-8 hours
  • Distance covered: 10 km / 6.5 miles
  • Today’s hiking level: Challenging
Day 3: Descending into the Sacred Valley of the Incas | Mantanay to Yanahuara
  • During this four-hour hike through the Q’euña forest and farmlands, you’ll see dramatic views of the Sacred Valley.
  • Visit a traditional “Chicha Place,” and have a sip of the sacred beer of the Incas.
  • Keep learning about Inca history while exploring Ollantaytambo ruins, learn  how the Incas moved boulders of nearly 60 metric tons from one mountain to another and across the river and valley.
  • Today’s lunch will be in Ollantaytambo, a village built around an ancient Inca fortress (UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • If you’re feeling adventurous! try one of Peru’s delicacies, a traditional dish of roasted guinea pig.
  • Board the train to Aguas Calientes town.
  • Hiking time: 4-5 hours
  • Distance covered: 9 km / 5.6 miles
  • Today’s hiking level: Moderate
Day 4: Visiting the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu
  • Early shuttle bus up to Machu Picchu (25-minute ride).
  • Today you can enjoy Machu Picchu with a tour and take in all the scenic vistas.
  • Passports or ID have to be shown at the check point.
  • We will have an early start in the morning before it gets too crowded. We begin with an introductory two-hour guided tour of the Inca site, learn about Machu Picchu while exploring it with a professional guide.
  • Optional climb up to Huayna Picchu Mountain or Machu Picchu Mountain known as “Montaña” (ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED – Check availability).
  • Board the train and bus to your hotel.


  • Pre-departure briefing of your tour.
  • Transfer to the hike’s trailhead & to hotel on final day.
  • Support staff (professional cooks, horsemen and horses), horses to carry our camping gear and a riding horse for emergencies. Additional horses can be provided for an additional charge.
  • Camping equipment (tents, stools, tables, etc).
  • Sleeping pad.
  • Machu Picchu entrance fee.
  • Pisaq & Ollantaytambo entrance fees.
  • Bus tickets up (x1) to Machu Picchu and down (x1) to Aguas Calientes.
  • Train tickets from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes town.
  • Train tickets from Aguas Calientes to either Ollantaytambo or Poroy town depending on train availability.
  • English-speaking tour guide (additional tour guide for groups of 9+).
  • Duffle bag.
  • Hotel accommodation for a night in Aguas Calientes (at chosen hotel).
  • Meals: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners (If you have a dietary request such as vegetarian or gluten free PLEASE let us know).
  • Emergency First-Aid kit and oxygen bottle.

BRIEFING: Before the hike, you will meet your hiking guide and the other members of your group. Your guide will explain to you all about the hike route and all the necessary recommendations will be provided to you for a great hiking experience.

×Not Included

  • Backpacks.
  • Sleeping Bag (You can bring your own from home or rent them locally in Cusco city).
  • Hiking poles (You can bring your own from home or rent them locally in Cusco city).
  • Breakfast on Day 1, lunch and dinner on Day 4.
  • Entrance fee to Huayna Picchu Mountain or Machu Picchu Mountain known as ” Montaña” (ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED – Check availability).
  • Tips for horsemen, cooks and guides.
  • Travel Insurance (you are strongly recommended to take out a travel insurance for the duration of your trip).

NOTE: The itinerary above is a sample. Hiking times, campsites and lunch spots are subject to change according to our guides’ criteria, weather conditions, availability, evolution of the group and on restrictions undertaken for safety reasons by the Peruvian Government.

Ξ Packing List:

  • Original Passport
  • ISIC card (if you are a student and want to qualify for the discount)
  • Hiking boots
  • Waterproof jacket / rain poncho
  • Warm jacket
  • Hat and gloves
  • T-shirts
  • Comfortable trousers
  • Sun cream (SPF 35 or higher)
  • Insect repellant
  • Toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Towels and sandals
  • Spare coins
  • Personal medication
  • Camera and chargers
  • Headlamp with spare batteries 


  • It is absolutely advised that hikers acclimate by spending few days at Cusco city (3400 meters / 11,220 feet) or similar before attempting the hike.
  • Hikers should be in a very good physical condition since the hike covers long distances each day.
  • Weather conditions may vary. Temperatures range from below freezing to 23°C / 73°F warm and humid.
  • Supporting the local economy is well-appreciated by locals: Locals work to create traditional colorful textiles, which are sold along the way, so make sure to bring local currency in small amounts if you would like to give back to the locals.
  • Feeling like sharing or giving back to the community: Basic and small gifts such as School supplies, clothing, food and others are very well-appreciated by locals, since Lares village and the surroundings are a poor area in this region (ask for recommendations about what other items/gifts to bring on the trek).
  • Climbing Machu Picchu Mountain known as “Montaña” or Huayna Picchu Mountain is a terrific add-on experience since they both offer outstanding views of the Inca citadel, but the entrance fees are limited (400 people a day) and at scheduled times. If you consider climbing either of them YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR A SPOT IN ADVANCE.


Peru Machupicchu Tours S.A. is committed to traveling in a way that is respectful of local people, their culture, local economies and the environment. With your participation we can help conserving the area we visit and bring positive benefits to our host communities.

What you need to know on how to be a responsible traveler:

  • The natural environment is very important. If in nature you need to go to the bathroom, be sure it is buried away from waterways. Burying or carrying out used toilet paper is a must. Tampons and sanitary pads must also be taken out of the area and disposed of appropriately. Minimize use of soap or shampoos in rivers and lakes – your local guide will let you know when using soap is unsuitable.
  • When hiking, many travelers take an extra plastic bag to pick up any rubbish that they see to improve the area and for their own rubbish. Rubbish may have to be carried until a suitable disposal opportunity in the next town.
  • Please try and minimize the waste of plastic water bottles. Consider using a water filter, camelbacks or canteens.

Types of Services:

Our trekking programs are available in 2 types of services:

Group Service: This is a high quality, shared service with a maximum of twelve people (hikers) in the group. Groups up to eight people will have one guide, whilst over eight will have two — a great opportunity to have fun and make new friends. Our GROUP SERVICES have set departure dates.

Private Service: These services are arranged just for you and your party, and offer the possibility to choose the departure date, the group size and the duration of the trek. This not only has the advantage of adapting the pace to your physical condition, but also usually means enjoying quieter campsites and meeting fewer travelers along the route. All private groups include additional services, such as a riding horse for emergencies  or carry your personal gear, among other benefits.


Hike duration4 days / 3 nights
Hike levelModerate to challenging
Hike styleActive
Type of hikeArchaeological, cultural and adventure
Distance26 kilometers / 17 miles
Hiking timeDay 1: 3.5 hours / Day 2: 7.5 hours / Day 3: 4 to 5 hours / Day 4: Machu Picchu
ElevationLowest point 2800m (9200 feet) – highest point 4500m (14850 feet) at Arruray pass
Accommodation2 nights in camping tent / 1 night at hotel
Group sizeGroup service up to 12 hikers maximum – Private service (as requested)
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